Need to Know Infomation!

Firstly you need to join our discord.
Steps on getting your role to see the SoulWorker channels
1: Join discord.
2: Make sure you read the rules, I will spank you if you don't.
3: Head to the Roles︲役割 Channel to see how and what roles are assignable.
4: Assign your role. 

The server is not 100% and things are missing will be fixed later down the road.
Things are different then the steam version
1: No anti-cheat Chinese rootkit.
2: No shitty nurfs or gay changes.
3: FP costs are 0 for all mazes (My personal edit to the server)
4: Sadly Due to FP cost being 0 cost on all Mazes SW Guilds can not gain EXP to level.
I Rayshen will try to find a way to lv up your clan by request.

Translation is a frankenstin SWHQ and Steams translation.

How to make a account?
To Start the game properly Run SoulRekuLoader.exe to start the game this is a loader that allows multi clienting and connects directly to the server.
once your on the login screen choose your login info like you would be registering for a account. the database will make the data for you.
After the server is finished it will sign you in automaticly. (Making a PIN is optional)

Regarding Premium Coins.
In discord we have a currency that can be claimed every 6 hours, Its our The discords currency (CherryBlossom) to Soulworker YP.
5,000 will convert to 1,000 YP.
Read the Ping Posts in (💳︱Currency︲Trading) Channel on our discord.